Trigeminal Neuralgia – Case

A 48 year old lady came to us in July 2007 with the complaint of burning sensation, in the inner side of left cheek which was ameliorated by rubbing. Along with it there was sensation as if needles were pricking. There were periods of continuous pain and relief. When we saw her, she was really Read More…

Hypothyrodism – Materia Medica

Master A of 1 Year & 7 Months came to my clinic on 15/06/2000 with his mother, having complaints of Skin (Eruption since 1 year), Dorsum of hand, Arm, Leg, Crusty, Itching ++, Bleeding on scratching. He had already tried allopathic treatment without any results. GIT: Constipated Stool, first part of stool hard and then Read More…


Mr. K male aged 31 years, consulted us for his Acne problem. As profession he was working at an allopathic doctor’s clinic and so had tried oral allopathic medicines before consulting us, but without any permanent relief. He visited us with lots of hopes, as he had been suffering from Acne on face since 18 Read More…

Patient Testimonials

Hello Friend, I remember long ago, I was just like every third person thinking that allopathic treatment is the only way to get rid of diseases fast. I was taking pills unwillingly that were having bitter taste, followed by injections. This course of treatment was my regular practice twice or thrice a year. Until I found a strong alternative to
Harsh Rawal September 15
Hi Guys..I?ve been taking Homeopathy Medicines for my leg aches. I used to take the conventional medicines which seemed to work fine until I kept taking them. As soon as I stopped taking them my pain was straight back as it used to be, Which isn?t the case with this cure. My ache has started to nullify. I am getting
Ricky Parikh September 15
Hello Guys. I\\\'m an IT Professional & having more than 12+ years of experience. After 2 months of study & 2 months for preparation for my Cisco (CCNA) examination for my skills upgrade (total 4 months), I was not able to build my confidence to appear in the exam. But my FPG (Friend, Philosopher & Guide) Dr. Ketan came to
Hiren Patel September 15
How much I am thankful to the doctor for his homeopathic treatment, that is not possible for me to just say it in few words. It has absolutely solved all my problems. I had tried first and then conveyed this to my family members too. They too are going to the doctor for their treatment including my daughter of 6
Roma Mandal September 15
Thanks to Happy Homeopathy Cure and his wonderful service with so many helpful products, I was able to receive a very helpful remedy which the doctor always promptly shipped to me in New York. Thank you Dr Ketan Shah! I feel so much better now 🙂
Jacob Abramov September 15
Hi all, My name is Rupal and I live in Bangalore. I consult Dr.Ketan shah for my 7 years old daughter Aneri since last two years. She used to have frequent cold, cough, running nose and eyes. She had three times urine infection by the age of five. So I decided to try homeopathy. Dr.Shah gathered all the details about
Rupal Vasavada September 15
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