Mr. K male aged 31 years, consulted us for his Acne problem. As profession he was working at an allopathic doctor’s clinic and so had tried oral allopathic medicines before consulting us, but without any permanent relief. He visited us with lots of hopes, as he had been suffering from Acne on face since 18 years. His face was full of scar with large painful nodules and it was a repetitive problem with no other physical symptoms.

He had also complained of profuse sweating on his head. During the consultation we asked him a lot of questions about his work, nature and surrounding environment as that is the most important thing to understand in Homeopathic Treatments. He had a typical personality, an average mild person, confused and lacking self confidence. He also had anger issue and anxiety about family members and children and always had the fear to remain alone. He was also having trouble sleeping alone as he would think that someone would hit him. He was a fastidious person, liking to keep all things in order and neat and clean. He had good relations with all his family members, but he always used to think that he was an unfortunate and unlucky person. His upbringing was like any other normal average kid at school.

From the above details, I considered following points and prescribed Homeopathic Medicine.

  • Absent mindedness
  • Anxiety about health
  • Anxiety about his family
  • Lack of self confidence
  • Confusion of mind
  • Fear of imaginary things
  • Fear at night
  • Mildness
  • Acne on face
  • Boils like eruption (Acne)
  • Profuse perspiration on head

I considered all the above mentioned physical and mental state of the patient and prescribed Calcrea Silicata 200. This Homeopathic Medicine For Acne has improved his condition a lot as the tendency of new acne formation is reduced and there are signs of eruption of old Acne scars.