Mihir Shah

Dr. Ketan Shah are highly qualified professionals having good knowledge in his field . I got the confidence that my problem can be cured with homeopathy .With his treatment i got rid of it . He is able to clear your doubts….

Aditya Vyas

Dr. Shah has been of great help to me in curing my illness permanently. I have been under his guidance since the age of 8, I had a very strong Dust Allergy and would catch cold very easily. Because of his appropriate….

Amit Sharma

Hi friends! Here I want to share my personal miraculous experience with Homoeopathy to you. I was diagnosed as having Urethral Stricture some years back. I was suggested to do probing with a probe to solve my problem. I was in stress….

Anuradha Asrani

I have been visiting Dr.Ketan Shah for 7 years now and I have been quite satisfied with the results. My entire family relies on his safe medicines. The concern he has for his patients is very rare, I am on one of….

Arun Bhatra

Dr.Shah has been our family doctor for several years helping us stay healthy with Homeopathic Remedies.Recently, he treated me for some gastric problem & Weight Loss. I feel better using his Homeopathic remedies and would recommend to anyone in need. but would….

Ashok Kumar

Dr. Ketan Shah is a very soft spoken and considerate doctor. He is accurate regarding the diagnoses and provides medicines which are very effective. Many of the ailments prevailing in my family, are treated successfully by Dr Shah. I would like to….

Bharat Bhai

I am very thankful to Dr.Ketan Shah. My cousin had an injury over his head and a tumour of blood was formed. He was advised to do surgery for it, but he had no sufficient money for it. I knew Dr.Shah personally….

Harsh Rawal

Hello Friend, I remember long ago, I was just like every third person thinking that allopathic treatment is the only way to get rid of diseases fast. I was taking pills unwillingly that were having bitter taste, followed by injections. This course….

Hiren Patel

Hello Guys. I\\\’m an IT Professional & having more than 12+ years of experience. After 2 months of study & 2 months for preparation for my Cisco (CCNA) examination for my skills upgrade (total 4 months), I was not able to build….

Jacob Abramov

Thanks to Happy Homeopathy Cure and his wonderful service with so many helpful products, I was able to receive a very helpful remedy which the doctor always promptly shipped to me in New York. Thank you Dr Ketan Shah! I feel so….

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