Trigeminal Neuralgia – Case

A 48 year old lady came to us in July 2007 with the complaint of burning sensation, in the inner side of left cheek which was ameliorated by rubbing. Along with it there was sensation as if needles were pricking. There were periods of continuous pain and relief. When we saw her, she was really Read More…

Hypothyrodism – Materia Medica

Master A of 1 Year & 7 Months came to my clinic on 15/06/2000 with his mother, having complaints of Skin (Eruption since 1 year), Dorsum of hand, Arm, Leg, Crusty, Itching ++, Bleeding on scratching. He had already tried allopathic treatment without any results. GIT: Constipated Stool, first part of stool hard and then Read More…


Mr. K male aged 31 years, consulted us for his Acne problem. As profession he was working at an allopathic doctor’s clinic and so had tried oral allopathic medicines before consulting us, but without any permanent relief. He visited us with lots of hopes, as he had been suffering from Acne on face since 18 Read More…

Patient Testimonials

Dr.Shah has been our family doctor for several years helping us stay healthy with Homeopathic Remedies.Recently, he treated me for some gastric problem & Weight Loss. I feel better using his Homeopathic remedies and would recommend to anyone in need. but would like to consult him again for some other problem.
Arun Bhatra September 15
Hello! I am a teacher at a blind school since the past 25 years and living a healthy life. Me and my family have been patients of Dr. Ketan Shah since the last 15 years. Today I got the chance to share my feelings about Homoeopathy and Dr. Ketan Shah. He always helps us in every difficult point in our
R.K. Thakkar September 15
Dr. Ketan Shah is a very soft spoken and considerate doctor. He is accurate regarding the diagnoses and provides medicines which are very effective. Many of the ailments prevailing in my family, are treated successfully by Dr Shah. I would like to thank him for his way of safe treatment without any side effects.
Ashok Kumar September 15
Over the last 10 years, 90% of our family ailments are taken care by Homeopathy. Dr. Ketan Shah with his humble, serving nature & excellent diagnostic capabilities, have enhanced & consolidated our faith in Homeopathy. We love Homeopathy & wish this therapy spreads, & more & more people get benefited by this soft & effective line of treatment.
Rajesh Chopra September 15
I am very thankful to Dr.Ketan Shah. My cousin had an injury over his head and a tumour of blood was formed. He was advised to do surgery for it, but he had no sufficient money for it. I knew Dr.Shah personally and had faith in him. I gave reference of Dr.Ketan Shah to my cousin and Dr.Ketan took the
Bharat Bhai September 15
My family and I have been consulting Dr. Ketan Shah for nearly a decade and we have been extremely satisfied patients. We sincerely acknowledge his professional ability to diagnose the problem and provide with accurate medication. My family and close relatives have consulted him for various chronic disease like Psoriasis, Kidney Stone, Hypertension and Diabetes and his medication course has
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