Trigeminal Neuralgia – Case

A 48 year old lady came to us in July 2007 with the complaint of burning sensation, in the inner side of left cheek which was ameliorated by rubbing. Along with it there was sensation as if needles were pricking. There were periods of continuous pain and relief. When we saw her, she was really in a bad condition. She was not able to talk properly, couldn’t chew her food properly,even little draft of cold air make her problem worse. During talking with us she has to constantly hold and rub her affected part with her hand.

She was diagnosed as a patient of trigeminal neuralgia since 1994. As per the history given by her, the complaint started after eradication of tooth which was not able to erupt (wisdom tooth) and get necrosed inside the bone of the jaw. She had taken allopathic treatment for 3 years but couldnot get any relief. She had also taken Homoeopathic treatment for 7 years in Andhra Pradesh but didn’t get much relief. Her appetite had decreased and sleep disturbed since the last 6 months because of pain, other than that all other functions were pretty normal.

She was basically from a small village in Andhra Pradesh. She was simple, gentle and a caring lady having 2 sons and good financial position. She was disturbed due to her husband’s ignorance as she felt. Her husband was irritable and doesn’t give her care which she craved at that time. They even don’t talk with each other for months together if disputes occur between them. She was very much depressed by it as she was far from her native place and no one to share her feelings. She is caring and worried about her children. She is mild, gentle and has weeping disposition, depressed due to her disease and husband’s ignorance. She was always seeking sympathy from others, and had weak decision making power as per her family members.

We studied her problem thoroughly and decided one medicine as per her constitution. After giving first dose she started having vertigo and other complains also started improving. Then also in further follow-ups, we increased the potency and waited for some time and miraculously within 2 months she had relief from her vertigo and also improvement in her pain. Within 4 months of first prescription, she had much relief in her trigeminal neuralgia pain and now she doesn’t need to rub her cheek to get relief from pain! Now gradually, the interval between the 2 attacks of pain increases and she can talk normally and can chew her food normally.

Her sleep has also improved and she now also has a good relationship with her husband. Within one year of the treatment, her condition has improved a lot and her complaint is cured almost 90%.