Hypothyrodism – Materia Medica

Master A of 1 Year & 7 Months came to my clinic on 15/06/2000 with his mother, having complaints of Skin (Eruption since 1 year), Dorsum of hand, Arm, Leg, Crusty, Itching ++, Bleeding on scratching. He had already tried allopathic treatment without any results.

  • GIT: Constipated Stool, first part of stool hard and then soft with foul smell. The patient had to strain to pass stool.
  • Issue of Less Appetite
  • Speech: Late learning to speak
  • Resp: Gets Cough – Cold Frequently
  • Known case of primary Hypothyrodism. (Patient was taking tablet Extroxin since the age of 6 months)

Personal History

  • Appetite: Less ++, Craving for Sweets ++
  • Thirst: Less
  • Urine: N
  • Perspiration: Chest
  • Sleep: Occ. Disturbed

Patient stays with Mother, Father & Brother (11 yrs. old). Mother has cough – cold complain & Hypertension on Maternal side. During 1st consultation child was moving constantly in the clinic, coming in and going out of my chamber. He was throwing the bottles which were placed on the stand. He was not controllable by his parent as well. According to his mother – child was very notorious – he used to destroy the toys and other things like remote control of TV, et al. He used to throw the things, was very obstinate and fearless. He used to beat other children and also bite them. He kills the insects like ants, cockroaches, and eat that killed insects. He enjoys the company of other people but is very attached to his mother. He likes to go outside, enjoys listening to music & dance on it while watching TV.

I selected the remedy Tarentula H. Rubric chosen were

  • Restlessness
  • Destructive
  • Throw things away
  • Biting
  • Busy Fruitlessly
  • Cruelty
  • Likes Music

After Tarentula H. 200 X 2 doses given, patient gradually started shwoing signs of improvement. Homeopathic treatment still continuing but skin eruption is much better, itching totally gone, biting decreased, appetite starting to improve, speech has improved and stool has become normal. During the treatment, patient got cough – cold for 2 or 3 times which was better with Tubercullinum & Ars. Alb. During the treatment patient was taking Eltroxin regularly, but after seeing all over improvement I asked him to stop Eltroxin in October 2000.

Patient consulted me actually for his skin complains but because of the remedy selected was similimum to hypythrodism was also treated simultaneously, which is worth noting. Hence the main intention of presentation of this case was to prove that if a similimum selected it can treat the patient as a whole.