Trigeminal Neuralgia – Case

A 48 year old lady came to us in July 2007 with the complaint of burning sensation, in the inner side of left cheek which was ameliorated by rubbing. Along with it there was sensation as if needles were pricking. There were periods of continuous pain and relief. When we saw her, she was really Read More…

Hypothyrodism – Materia Medica

Master A of 1 Year & 7 Months came to my clinic on 15/06/2000 with his mother, having complaints of Skin (Eruption since 1 year), Dorsum of hand, Arm, Leg, Crusty, Itching ++, Bleeding on scratching. He had already tried allopathic treatment without any results. GIT: Constipated Stool, first part of stool hard and then Read More…


Mr. K male aged 31 years, consulted us for his Acne problem. As profession he was working at an allopathic doctor’s clinic and so had tried oral allopathic medicines before consulting us, but without any permanent relief. He visited us with lots of hopes, as he had been suffering from Acne on face since 18 Read More…

Patient Testimonials

Hello dear friends, I would like to share my experience with you. Few years back I was suffering with allergic cold/cough. I was getting allopathic treatment regularly for it. It gave me temporary relief, but could not give me long term solution. I found my immunity getting poorer, so I was very upset. As my office is opposite to Happy
Parag Baraiya September 15
My whole impression towards homeopathy has been totally changed after consulting Dr. Ketan Shah. As I have been always impatient for getting the results faster, allopathy was my first priority than homoepathy. Whenever anything used to go wrong with my body, I used to start with antibiotic resulting into faster recovery but leaving with other side effects. But now I
Vinita Shah September 15
I am a homeopathic doctor with 4 years of professional experience. When I was studding in 2nd year of BHMS, I had Jaundice and Bronchitis attack. As usual, I consulted a doctor and started Allopathic medicine. Allopathic cured the Jaundice and the Bronchitis but as a side effect of Allopathic Medicine, I started suffering from skin disease. I started Eruptions
Payal Shah September 15
I was suffering from Kidney Stone pain. Allopathic doctors suggested me for operation. But with Dr.Ketan Shah`s Homeopathy treatment it passed out in 2 weeks! Today Dr.Ketan had become our friend, philosopher and guide. Even though we reside in Canada, my family prefers only his prescription. Whenever we require any medication he couriers us the Homoeopathic Medicines. So our safe
Pranavbhai September 15
Hello! I am very much thankful to Dr.Ketan Shah and Homeopathy. I had Eczema few years back and was not cured by any medication. I switched over to Homeopathy and met Dr.Ketan and with his medication now I am absolutely fine. Now my family also started taking Homoeopathy Medicines from Dr.Ketan in every major or minor complaints and we are
Prakashbhai Shah September 15
I am 53 years old, married with one son who is 26 years old and married to his classmate. She is a marwari girl and both have done M. Pharma and working at Indore. I have been associated with this clinic and doctor since 1998 and have gone through many ups and downs of my life phases and Dr Ketan
Anil K Mohta September 15
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