Trigeminal Neuralgia – Case

A 48 year old lady came to us in July 2007 with the complaint of burning sensation, in the inner side of left cheek which was ameliorated by rubbing. Along with it there was sensation as if needles were pricking. There were periods of continuous pain and relief. When we saw her, she was really Read More…

Hypothyrodism – Materia Medica

Master A of 1 Year & 7 Months came to my clinic on 15/06/2000 with his mother, having complaints of Skin (Eruption since 1 year), Dorsum of hand, Arm, Leg, Crusty, Itching ++, Bleeding on scratching. He had already tried allopathic treatment without any results. GIT: Constipated Stool, first part of stool hard and then Read More…


Mr. K male aged 31 years, consulted us for his Acne problem. As profession he was working at an allopathic doctor’s clinic and so had tried oral allopathic medicines before consulting us, but without any permanent relief. He visited us with lots of hopes, as he had been suffering from Acne on face since 18 Read More…

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Ketan Shah, apart from being a good doctor, is a good human being too. His gentle and caring behaviour towards his patients helps curing all the ailments. Me and my family wishes him good luck and prosperity for the future.
Jayoti Das September 15
The controversy may continue to cover the pages of newspaper about the effectiveness of Homoeopathy over Alopathy but the success of any medical science speaks in its ultimate recovery from the disease by its patients. And there stands the success stories of Dr. Ketan Shah or more precisely KetanBhai as the standard Gujarati fondness phrase that creates the sense of
Santanu Das September 15
Hi, this is Gokulraj from Ahmedabad and I would like to share my experience regarding Dr. Ketan Shah & Happy Homeopathic Cure. I am a 26-year-old male and have been suffering from multiple chronic medical conditions, including a serious ear problem in my left ear, none of them responding to allopathic treatment. I decided to try Homeopathic Treatment as a
K Gokulraj September 15
I want to say a few things about homeopathy; since last 6 years, I have been using homeopathy treatment for my digestion & I must say that it has worked like a miracle for me. I am feeling so fine now about my digestive system, and I have got many other benefits from this treatment, thanks very much Dr. Ketan
Saumin Gandhi September 15
I have been under his Homeopathy Treatment for the past two years. I was affected with dust allergy and would get cold very easily. I used Aerocat Rotacap two tablets daily. Dr.Shah promised me to solve my problem. I was treated with his wonderful Homeopathic Medicine, he gave me lot of advice to overcome this problem and everyday I was
K.T.Vairaykumar September 15
I have been in the treatment of Dr Ketan Shah from last seven years.Apart from treating my family for routine seasonal fevers n cough n cold he has cured my mother of vertigo n currently i am being treated for migraine.My family n my friends are all under his treatment speacially because of his perfect diagnosis n easy availability.Dr Ketan
Smita Sharma September 15
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