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Dentonic (Teething Pills) 10g Homoeo Laboratories

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Dentonic For Kids to get Teeth Easily With Minimum Pain and discomfort.

A combination of Homeopathy medicines useful in children during dentition. Difficult dentition associated with colic, diarrhea, irritability, gum swelling, drooling of saliva, refusal to feed & delayed dentition, loose stools, vomiting, and abdominal pain

Indications and uses of Homoeo Laboratories Den-Tonic (Teething Pills)

  • For trouble-free teething
  • Controls inflammation of the gums
  • Relieves throbbing pain in the teeth and gum
  • Takes care of associated diarrhoea, colic and flatulence
  • Controls restlessness and irritability
  • Controls Diarrhoea during dentition period of child

Action of Ingredients in Homoeo Laboratories Den-Tonic (Teething Pills)

Chamomilla: The baby is very irritable, cross, uncivil. A child cannot bear anyone near him and cannot bear to be spoken to. A child may suffer from diarrhea during dentition which is greenish, hot, very offensive like rotten eggs.

Storage instruction:
Keep in a dry and cool place


3 - Pills at a Time 3 Times a Day

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