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Lemon Grass Essential Oil



Lemon Grass Essential Oil

Cymopogan Flexuosus

Part of Plant : High tropical, perennial grass and the stalks and the leaves of the grass have the fragrance of tangy lemons.

Lemongrass pure essential oil has a lemony, sweet aroma. It helps reduce cellulite, tones the skin, opens blocked pores, and reduces acne. It helps relax fatigued muscles and ligaments and enhances feeling of relaxation. It is also beneficial for hair care and helps reduce hair fall.

Benefits :
The tangy refreshing fragrance of lemongrass can relieve symptoms related to stress, nervous exhaustion headaches and act as a insect repellent.

Body Care:- Revitalizes body , relax fatigued muscles and ligaments good for pet care odor

In vaporizers & Burners:- To treat nervousness & also as an insect repellent. Through vaporizers you can revive the mind relieve lethargy & drain out fatigue when blended with bath water or massage oil it can treat cellulite, nervousness, infections & digestive problems.




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