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SBL Bio-Combination 2 Tablet Respiratory



SBL Bio-Combination 2 Tablet

Prescription for: Respiratory

Consult Top Pulmonologist Online on mfine for the use of SBL Bio-Combination 2 Tablet SBL Bio-Combination 2 Tablet is an effective remedy which helps in relieving the signs and symptoms associated with breathlessness and spasmodic cough. with difficulty in lying down. It helps in relieving the cough and flatulence. It is also useful in treating bronchial asthma and gasping irregular pulse.

Key Ingredient s:Kalium phosphoricumMagnesia phosphoricaNatrum muriaticumNatrum sulphuricum

Key Benefits :Effective in the treatment of bronchial asthmaProvides effective relief from convulsive tickling coughReduces the problem of dyspnoea aggravated by food or exertionReduces gasping irregular pulse and excess yellow sputumUseful in treating spasmodic complaints of lungs without mucus

Directions For Use :Adults should take 4 tablets every three hours or four times a day and for children. half of the adult dosage or as prescribed by the physician







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