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REPL Dr. Advice No.17 Asthmorin Drop





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Indication:  Removes temporary obstructing to the oxidation of the blood by stimulating respiratory centres, increasing oxidation and exceretion of carbonic acid. An effective remady in many cases of asthma. Cardic asthma.
Each 5 ml. Contains Ipecac  – 3X  0.50 ml Aconitum Napellus  – 6X  0.25 ml Antim. Tart.  – 6 1.00 ml Arsenicum Album – 6X  0.75 ml Natrum Sulph  – 6  1.00 ml Aspidosperma  – Q  1.00 ml Carbo Veg  – 30X  0.50 ml Mode of Action:
Ipecacuanha 3x: Cough cathing the breath, even suffocation. Spasmodic asthma
Aconitum Napellus 6x: Short breathing, of Millar-Attact of suffocation.
Antimonium Tartaricum 6x: Shorthness of breath, Rattling of mucus in the chest.
Arsenicum Aibum 6x: Tension and pressure in the chest, Arrest of breathing with cough.
Natrum Sulphuricum 6x: Asthma with every fresh cold an attack of asthma.
Aspidosperma Q: It stimulate the suspiratory centers and increases.
Carbo Vegetabailis 30x: Frequent want to take a deep inspiration want of breath.




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