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REPL Dr. Advice No.1 Golden Drop






Information about REPL Dr. Advice No.1 Golden Drop

Indication: Medicine come into play in all disease where the heart is primarily involved weakness and dilatation of the myocardium. Its greatest indication is in the failure of compensation and especially when aurticular fibrillation is set in. Stimulate the heart muscle, increase force of systole, increases length Prostration from slight exertion, controls high blood pressure.
Each 5 ml Contains Anthemis Nob  – Q 1.00 ml Capsicum Annuum  – Q 0.50 ml Crataegu oxy. 1x 1.50 ml Dioscorea Villosa  – Q 1.00 ml Lobelia Inflata  – Q 1.00 ml   Mode of Action:
Anthemis Nobiles Q:   “Burnett” has recorded a case in which violent gastric disturbance and  Headaches were caused by tea.
Capsicum Annuum Q:  Chest constricted with oppressed. Worse very slight movement, throbbing Plan in chest,
Dioscorea  Villosa Q: as if it were too full; not room enough in it Weakness, dull and sharp cutting pain in both lungs, from front to back or vice-versa.
Lobelia Inflata Q:  Sharp pain in the region of heart Pericardial anxiety deep seated pain in the region of heart, sensation of Weakness in
Coca Q: Pericardium, Peculiar confuse of heart, pulse small and weak violent audible palpitation.
Use under medical supervision.


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