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Kolldent+ Tooth Powder

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Kolldent? plus is a specially formulated dentifrice that helps to protect sensitive gums, prevents toothache, decay and controls bad breath.

The astringent and antibacterial properties of ingredients that constitute Kolldent? plus aid in maintaining good oral health and help to maintain total dental health and hygiene.

Clove Oil – contains eugonol which has anti-bacterial properties. Clove is one of the most effective medicines for toothache and other tooth-related problems. Its wonderful anaesthetic properties give quick relief, especially when the gums are painful. It is a very good for those suffering from bad breath since it helps to keep the mouth fresh for a long time.

Azadirachta Ind. (Neem) – has been used since ancient times to help to maintain the oral hygiene and treat dental problems. Neem improve the strength of gums and helps to keep the teeth germ free. The anti bacterial quality in neem helps to fight germs round the clock, prevent inflammations of the gums and tooth decay, eliminate bad breath, and ensure strong teeth.

Kreosote – when used in very dilute form, is very helpful to treat early decay of teeth with rapid caries associated with spongy, sensitive and bleeding gums and bad breath.

Plantago (Lahuriya) – is very effective to treat swollen or sore gums and teeth sensitive to the touch. It controls bad breath which is caused by decaying teeth and infected gums.


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