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Jaborandi Plus Hair Oil



Jaborandi Plus Oil contains 100% pure extract of Jaborandi herb, which helps check hair fall by strenghtening hair roots, and restoring lost hair. Jaborandi helps in treating baldness and preventing premature greying of hair.

The special oil has been formulated in a non-greasy base oil so you will have a non oily feeling. The oil is prepared with the time tested ingredient Jaborandi, which has beneficial effects on the hair like falling of hair, hair breakage, and premature graying. Treats dandruff and falling hair.

If you have dandruff or premature hair fall caused by aging, you can use Jaborandi Plus Oil on your hair. Additionally, you can benefit from SBL Jaborandi Oil if you have graying of hair as it helps to keep premature aging signs at bay. For this reason, individuals suffering from this condition can massage their hair regularly with SBL Jaborandi Oil to get maximum benefits.


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