Immunity is the balanced state of having adequate biological defenses to fight infection, disease, or other unwanted biological invasion, while having adequate tolerance to avoid allergy, and autoimmune diseases.

Innate immunity also called natural or native immunity. This immunity is by virtue of genetic constitutional make-up. It is there in the body without any external stimulation or a previous infection. It is divided into two types :- (a) Non-Specific innate immunity: A degree of natural resistance to all infections in general. (b) Specific innate immunity: This is a natural resistance to a particular kind of germ only.

Adaptive immunity is often sub-divided into two major types depending on how the immunity was introduced. ‘Naturally acquired immunity’ occurs through contact with a disease causing agent, when the contact was not deliberate, whereas ‘artificially acquired immunity’ develops only through deliberate actions such as vaccination. Both naturally and artificially acquired immunity can be further subdivided depending on whether immunity is induced in the host or passively transferred from an immune host. ‘Passive immunity‘ is acquired through transfer of antibodies or activated T-cells from an immune host, and is short lived—usually lasting only a few months—whereas ‘active immunity’ is induced in the host itself by antigen and lasts much longer, sometimes lifelong.

  • To improve your immunity one must follow few basic things to avoid any disease condition. Such as — to take proper balanced diet, regular exercise, proper sleep, avoiding stress.
  • In children there is low immunity level compare to adults or children are highly susceptible to receive disease causing agents.

So to improve immunity of children or adults homeopathically, which is harmless, there are very effective homoeopathic medicines which help us in improving immunity level. There are many homoeopathic immunity booster products available, can be taken along with the constitutional medicine prescribed by the homoeopathic physician.


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