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Geranium Essential Oil



Geranium Essential oil – For Ageing skin (40+)

Pelargonium Graveolen

Part of Plant : Flower top and leaves
Geranium pure essential oil is strong smelling oil with a floral aroma and a hint of mint. Geranium oil blended in cream or lotion, balances the production of sebum in the skin, while keeping it supple. It is especially beneficial for ageing, sagging skin.

Benefits :
Post Menopause symptoms, rejuvenating and relaxing.

For Skin Care:- For Anti-ageing, sagging skin, cellulite, hormonal imbalance, dull skin. Speed up the reproduction of skin cells- a few drops of geranium oil mixed into a cup of jojoba oil is a rejuvenating body polish.

For Hair Care:- Restores balance in dry rough hair, and also is suitable for oily hair type, prevents lice.

Diffusers :- Lifts the spirit and eases nervous tension. May release negative emotions & helps balances hormones and calm.


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