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Enlacto Syrup

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The Biochemic Salts were introduced by Dr William H Schuessler, who proved that by administering specially prepared remedies containing the inorganic salts, in finely subdivided form, it was possible to correct the deficiency of the body cells that is responsible for maintaining healthy equilibrium of the body.

Enlacto? Forte is a general tissue tonic prepared from a combination of 5 biochemic phosphate salts, to improve the vitality and promote overall good health.

Enlacto? Forte acts on the skeletal system & regulates Red Bone Marrow, Hemoglobin and thereby improving the vitality of individuals.

Enlacto? Forte can be administered on regular basis as a tonic for all ages, children and adults alike.It can be taken regularly as a food supplement for overall good health.

It is also beneficial for woman, especially in pregnancy and lactation


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