Constipationrefers tobowel movementsthat are infrequent or hard to pass.The stool is often hard and dry.. The normal frequency of bowel movements is between three per day and three per week.

Causes –It includes.

  • A diet low in fiber,
  • Sedentary (involving much sitting) lifestyle and decreased physical activity,
  • Decreased liquid intake,
  • Taking calci um/iron supplements,

Overuse of medicines such as anti-depressants, anti-convulsants and laxatives also cause constipation. Constipation is a common complaint among women during pregnancy. Medical conditions linked with constipation are diabetes mellitus, spinal cord lesions, hypothyroidism and irritable bowel syndrome.

Symptoms –are hard stool, insufficient stool, unsatisfactory stool or a feeling of incomplete bowel evacuation, straining at stool and in extreme cases, a need to use fingers to remove stool.Complicationsfrom constipation may includehemorrhoids, anal fissure or fecal impaction

Prevention–Constipation is usually easier to prevent than to treat. Following the relief of constipation, maintenance with adequate exercise, fluid intake, and high-fiber diet is recommended.

>Treatment – it includes laxatives, enema, and physical intervention for impaction of stool.

Homeopathic Medicines for Constipation —

  • Nux Vomica – Top grade Homeopathic medicine for conantipation with ineffectual urging and scanty stool,very frequently. The stool is unsatisfactory and insufficient. Even after passing stool many times a day, there is a never “got done” feeling. Abdomen pain may arise along with constipation. Nux Vomica is also a good choice of medicine for treating constipation in persons with a sedentary lifestyle, has habit of stimulants like tea, coffee, alcohol, etc. More importantly, it also effectively treats piles from constipation.
  • Bryonia Alba – Excellent Homeopathic medicine for constipation with dry, hard, stool in lump form. The stool is dry, as if burnt, and is passed with much difficulty. Abdominal distension is also noted in some cases. Headache from constipation may also be effectively treated with Bryonia Alba.
  • Alumina – Wonderful Homeopathic medicine for constipation with no urge to pass stool for days. The intestine action is extremely sluggish. Stool is passed only when there is large accumulation of fecal matter in the intestine. Another important symptom for using Alumina is excessive straining to pass stool even when the stool is soft. Alumina is also one of the majorly indicated Homeopathic medicines for constipation in children, infants, bottle-fed babies and among elderly persons.
  • Lycopodium Clavatum – Effective Homeopathic medicine for constipation with flatulence and bloated abdomen, for constipation in elderly people having accumulation of gas and rumbling, gurgling in abdomen with hypo gastric pain. It is very useful in irritable bowel syndrome as well.
  • Silicea – Significant Homeopathic medicine for constipation where stool recedes after being partially expelled The stool is soft, needs straining to pass out, but recedes back into the rectum after being partially expelled. There is constriction of anus. Exhaustion attends straining efforts to pass stool. Burning, smarting pain at the anus may also arise. Constipation in women before and during menses makes another case of using Homeopathic medicine Silicea.
  • Antimonium Crudum and Podophyllum Peltatum – Valuable Homeopathic medicines for cases where constipation and diarrhea alternate Antimonium Crudum also effectively treats soreness of rectum, anal itching and mucus piles. Podophyllum, apart from alternating constipation and diarrhea, are gurgling in bowels, prolapse of rectum with stool, clay colored stool or greenish stool and highly offensive stool.
  • Aesculus Hippocastanum and Collinsonia Canadensis – Best Homeopathic medicines for constipation with piles Homeopathic medicine Aesculus Hippocastanum is advised in case of dry, hard, knotty stool with painful piles. There is a sensation of small sticks stuck in the rectum. Pain may worsen while walking. Aesculus Hippocastanum is useful for piles that are bleeding or blind type. A severe lower back ache attends piles complaints, which it also treats. Collinsonia Canadensisindicated in protruding piles with hard stool. Itching or constriction at the anus may also be noticed. Collinsonia Canadensis is also well indicated forconstipation during pregnancy.
  • Ratanhia and Nitric Acid – Highly recommended Homeopathic medicines for anal fissures with constipation. Ratanhia is more useful in case of anal fissure with burning pain and constriction at the anus while passing stool. The stool is passed with great effort and strain. Burning may continue for hours after stool is passed. Cold water application may relieve the burning pains. Nitric Acidis the choice where there is bleeding and painwhile passing stool. The pain may be tearing, cutting or stitching in nature.
  • Natrum Mur – Top rated Homeopathic medicine for constipation when stool is passed on alternate days. The attending features are constriction in the rectum, smarting, burning or tearing pain at the anus.
  • Opium and Chelidonium Majus – Top Homeopathic medicines for constipation with dry, hard stool in ball form. In addition, Opium is also the Homeopathic medicine for constipation where the person has been taking laxatives to pass stool for a long time.
  • One must consult homoeopathic physician for proper selection of medicine and treatment of constipation.


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