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Caleborol Plus Pricklyheat Powder

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Caleborol? plus Prickly Heat Powder provides cool and gentle relief from prickly heat, rashes and body odour.

Prickly heat occurs when the sweat ducts are blocked and sweat leaks into the skin, these are sweat glands that have become inflamed at the opening. With further exposure to heat, there will also be a prickly ‘pins and needles’ sensation on the skin, which is why it is called prickly heat.

Caleborol? plus Powder is a unique powder for prickly heat rash, prepared using the herbal antiseptic, Calendula Officinalis, which is renowned for its antibacterial and antiseptic effectiveness on skin.

The soft Caleborol? plus Powder spreads easily, gently soothing the inflamed sensitive skin and nurses the traumatized tissues back to health.

It absorbs moisture in conjunction with protecting and soothing the skin. It safeguards from itch and pain, rashes, odour and perspiration.

It is safe, non-toxic and has no known allergic side effects and an ideal remedy favoured and prescribed by practitioners of all systems of medicine.

It can also be used on regular basis , especially after bath for daylong protection and freshness.


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