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Alfa-betic Syrup

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Alfa-Betic?Fort? helps in stimulating the mental processes while regenerating physical abilities that have deteriorated as a result of various ailments affecting the body.

Individuals in recuperation and those complaining of constant fatigue, nervous exhaustion, irritability, insomnia, anaemia and chlorosis will also benefit from

The special Non- Sugar Base makes it ideally suited for patients suffering from diabetes and for those on a slimming diet.

Alfa-Betic?Fort? is also recommended with enriched food intake for the underweight, malnutrition and undernourishment.

The goodness of Alfalfa, renowned for its unique property of adding muscle tissue without adding fat, makes Alfa-Betic?Fort? the ideal speciality for underweight children, pregnant women and the aged. It increase lactation in nursing mothers naturally.


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