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INDICATIONS: Supports treatment of jaundice, general liver diseases and gallbladder problems; also helps in portal congestions

As the largest gland in the body, the liver serves as a processing factory of unmatched importance It plays a key role in elimination of toxins and metabolic waste products from the blood. ADEL 3 (apo-HEPAT) drops treat and detoxify the liver, gallbladder and pancreas, to promote good digestion. This remedy provides a vital stimulus that aids in the excretion of liver toxins, thereby enabling the tissues to regenerate and resume normal function. It also eliminates liver portal blockages that commonly exist in chronically ill patients. In addition, ADEL 3 (apo-HEPAT) drops increase kidney and gallbladder secretion, stimulates circulation and improves the lymphatic system.

COMPOSITION: Chionanthus virginicus 4x, Cynara scolymus 4x, Iberis amara 6x, Lycopodium clavatum 4x, Mandragora e rad. sicc. 6x, Peumus boldus 4x, Phosphorus 10x, Taraxacum officinalis 12x

Chionanthus virginicus reduces dysfermentic state of the liver and pancreas, treats bilious colic; sore enlarged liver with jaundice and constipation.

Cynara scolymus is well known as one of the most important healing plants for the primary organs of the human body, helping the condition of the liver, even if the signs of being sick appear at other places in the living system. lt takes away congestions of the bile and leads out toxic metabolism materials.

Gastrohepatic disturbances, which reduce the heart action due to congestions in the liver is vastly reduced by lberis amara, and if there are general symptoms of disordered liver and stomach functions.

The old healing plant Lycopodium clavatum helps in elimination of metabolic waste from the body in a secure way. One of the most important activities is the relief of hypercholesterineamia, acid uric loadings and other burdens on the digestive system.he efficacy of Mandragora e rad. sicc. is directed at the digestive organs. The plant reduces all disturbances of the stomach, the liver and pancreas in connection with heart issues that occur due to these troubles. Flatulence and severe constipation are in most cases added to the other disregulations.

One of the essential required arrangements in treating the digestive system is the elimination of congestions in the liver and supporting portal circulation. This function is done by Peumus boldo, which stimulates the choleresis, feeding it back to the stomach and helps the renal function. Besides the ingredient helps excrete out uric salts and is effective against dyspepsia.

Phosphorus too effectively acts in the gastrointestinal field. The material acts in all regions of the body, takes away the readiness of the tissues to be inflamed and is effective againstfatty degeneration of the liver.

With Taraxacum officinalis the complex ends, and this plant is noted for cleansing the liverand the renal system. It also cleans the metabolic system and turns against all gastrohepatic burdens in combination with rheumatic ones.

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: (Unless otherwise prescribed)
Adults 20 drops, children 7-10 drops, infants 5-7 drops, 3 times a day in some liquid before meals.


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